About Us

Lazreb Leasing & Logistics Ltd was incorporated with CAC, Nigeria. We provide total solutions to Clients in Leasing and Logistics businesses, especially with our e-solutions which always put our services on demand.


Cars Leased


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Managed Fleets

What We Do

Hire a Vehicle

Hire your choice vehicle in the best working condition for your special occasions and use.

Partner Fleet Management

We are specialized in convoy and motorcade management with the best vehicle collection.

Lease Vehicle

Get the best deals and offer when leasing a vehicle of your choice for your duration of time.

Charter Vehicle

Our Charter and transportation services are top notch, guaranteeing you the comfort you need for a successful journey.


What our Clients say

We create a better everyday life for our Customers and ourselves, while acting as an indispensable partner to our Clients by helping them to build and maximize sustainable competitive advantages.

Lazreb Leasing & Logistics ltd have been able to stand when others are crawling. We have had terrible transport experience in the past and after working with Lazreb all our issues have been resolved

Vikktoh Alex

Why Lazreb? Because we support small business.


Lazreb leasing and logistics is known for their ability to adapt to new circumstances


Our support services keeps you in check with all the information and answers you need


We are a company you can rely on for all your transport and logistics services.

Download our mobile app on any of your app store

Download and install our mobile app on google play store or the Apple play.


How can I rent a car

Kindly sign up on our website or visit the contact us page to rent a car

What type of a car can I hire on lazreb?

You can hire a wide variety of car, such as Prado Jeep, Hilux , Mini Bus , e.t.c

Are expenses paid for if there is a breakdown on the vehicle before return date?

We take care of expenses paterning car repairs

Can I take my personal driver when I charter a vehicle?

NO!, a driver is allocated to you on chatering a vehicle

How long can I hire / lease a vehicle

The time duration for a vehicle Lease or Hire is flexible to the clients choice, Although we have a short term lease and long term lease option

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